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In today's dynamic market, the demand for comprehensive Statement of Work (SOW) solutions is on the rise. While many claim to offer such services, the essence lies in establishing a robust contractual framework that governs the relationship between Involved and its clients. At Involved, we understand the importance of clarity and transparency in project delivery, which is why our SOW encompasses a detailed 'contract for services', outlining the agreed-upon scope, terms, and deliverables. Clients can expect streamlined processes, cost-effectiveness, and superior outcomes, fostering long-term success and mutual growth.  Designed to optimise deliverables and provide access to top-tier talent while minimizing overheads and ensuring compliance with IR35 regulations.

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Our outcome-driven approach to
SOW addresses various challenges, including:

Project misalignment

Are your projects frequently veering off course, missing deadlines, or failing to meet objectives? Our outcome-driven SOW service ensures alignment from inception to completion, keeping everyone on the same page and focused on success.

Variable costs

Tired of unpredictable budget fluctuations wreaking havoc on your bottom line? Our SOW service provides clarity and transparency, allowing you to forecast costs accurately and avoid unexpected financial surprises.

Lack of control

Feeling like you are losing control over your projects? With our SOW service, regain command over every aspect of your initiatives. We provide the structure and oversight needed to keep projects on track and within your parameters.

Poor efficiency

Struggling to streamline processes and maximize productivity? Our outcome-driven SOW service is designed to optimise efficiency at every stage, eliminating waste and inefficiencies to ensure your projects run smoothly and swiftly.

Inconsistent quality

Fed up with deliverables that vary in quality and reliability? Our SOW service sets a high standard for excellence, enforcing rigorous quality control measures to guarantee consistency and meet your expectations every time.

Here is how our
SOW service offers
unparalleled advantages:

Our outcome-driven SOW solutions address various challenges such as project misalignment, variable costs, lack of control, poor efficiency, and inconsistent quality. By establishing clear deliverables and strict budgets, we guarantee significant project cost savings by eliminating inefficiencies and the need for rework.

At Involved, we take full responsibility for project management and successful delivery. Our dedicated teams of skilled professionals are managed to meet strict Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and outcomes. Clients can trust our expert oversight throughout the project lifecycle, ensuring optimal delivery within agreed timeframes and milestones.

Involved acts as the end client, assuming accountability for IR35 compliance and associated risks. Our transparent approach ensures genuine outsourcing, avoiding the misclassification of labor as consultancy agreements. We deploy thorough care in assessing the tax status of any Personal Service Companies (PSCs) engaged, providing peace of mind to our clients.

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Veolia Water
Transport for London

Involved exceeded our expectations! With their expert planning and flexibility, they seamlessly navigated our ever-changing hiring needs and demanding technical criteria. They delivered on time, within budget, and even saved us money.

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