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Candidate Timesheet Guide

Our online timesheet service helps you manage your payments for the duration of your contract with Involved.

Why use our Online Timesheet System?

·   Your designated line manager approves timesheets directly online

·   Invoices are calculated directly from hours registered on the timesheets, removing the risk of discrepancies

·   The online system keeps track of all invoices, so there is no need to keep a set of paper invoices

·   Electronic and instantaneous submission for payment ensures you are paid without delay

·   You can check the status of your payments online at any time, and produce reports of prior payments, including full timesheet and invoice detail

Online Timesheet Instructions

1. Go to our website

2. Click on the Timesheets icon in the main menu:

3. Enter your username and password which would have been sent to you. If you have not received log in details please contact your Recruitment Consultant or alternatively send an email to

4. On the left-hand side you will find the main menu which allows you to access various areas of the portal. This consists of three timesheet options:

Draft - This is a Timesheet that you have created and saved but has not been sent to your manager for approval.

Submitted - This is where you have saved and sent your timesheet to your manager for approval, these timesheets cannot be edited once submitted.

Approved - There is also a profile menu where you can change your system preferences or update your user profile with contact details etc.

Entering your Timesheets                

1. Click Create on the Timesheet menu

2. Select the Placement for which you want to make a Timesheet entry

3. Enter the week ending date, you can use the pop-up calendar to make sure you select the correct date

4. There will be three areas of the blank Timesheet - The Time Entry area for the days of the week worked, The Mileage Claim area and the Expenses Claim area

5. You can start entering your time for each of the days worked, make sure these are rounded to the nearest 15 minutes of the hour (The Normal Rate is selected by default) Total hours are automatically calculated

6. You can select additional rates by using the Rate Dropdown (previously entered times will move down allowing for more times to be entered)

7. By clicking the Preview button this will allow you to review the times and dates are correct before you submit for approval, select Save and this will save a copy into Drafts in case you need to make changes later

8. You will then have three further options; Edit this will allow you to make any changes before you send for approval, Submit  this will send a copy to your hiring manager for approval, and finally finish this will take you back to the main Portal Menu

9. After selecting Submit you will be asked to confirm you are happy to send for approval, if you are sure all dates are fine select Yes, if you need to make further amendments select No and this will take you back to the previous page.

Draft Timesheets

  • You can access your draft Timesheets by selecting the Drafts button in the Timesheet menu
  • The number next to the Draft Menu item will show you the amount of Timesheets in drafts if there is more than one. By clicking on the name of the Timesheet you will then have the option to edit or submit it for approval

Submitted Timesheets

By clicking on Submitted in the Timesheet menu you can check whether your hiring manager has approved it.

Rejected Timesheets

If your timesheet has been rejected this means that your hiring manager has not approved it usually due to incorrect hours or expenses. Your manager may put a comment as to why so you can make any amendments, this will then become a draft for you to edit and resubmit.