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Contractor Information

With Involved, you can feel confident that you will benefit from a full end-to-end service. Whether you are an experienced career contractor or thinking of taking your first steps into what can sometimes seem a daunting first move, you can count upon our support from the first initial discussions, through to continuous post-placement support.

Our experienced Consultants are detail-oriented and able to offer guidance anywhere from initial Ltd Company set-up, through to geographical and industry trends and an extensive insight into our client's working cultures and work practices.  We place a high value on forging strong relationships with our contractors, with the aim of fostering the outlook that you never need look any further again than Involved Solutions for all of your future contracts.

Online Timesheet Service

For the benefit of our contractors, we offer an online timesheet service to help you manage your payments for the duration of your contract with Involved Solutions. The benefits of our online timesheet system to our contractors:

  • Your designated line manager approves timesheets directly online.
  • We operate a weekly payroll
  • Invoices are calculated directly from hours registered on the timesheets, removing the risk of discrepancies.
  • The online system keeps track of all invoices, so no need to keep a set of paper invoices
  • Electronic and instantaneous submission for payment removes the risk of delay.
  • You can check the status of your payments online at any moment, and produce reports of prior payments, including full timesheet and invoice detail.
  • You can log on to our online timesheet service here: