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Our client MaritzCX is a leading customer experience (CX) and market research company providing consumer data analysis in real time. The company provides platforms for strategy and design consulting, mystery shopping, data analysis models, comprehensive program management, and data collection and validation services.

The Requirement

Involved were engaged to support a major transformation programme that encompassed major digital change across the full spectrum of People, Process and Technology. This programme of work was unprecedented in the history of MaritzCX. As well as a full Agile cultural change, there was also significant work on new features of their leading SaaS Platform.

How we helped

The first element was to assist the company as a whole move from their classic waterfall approach and adopt an agile methodology. This resulted in a significant increase in productivity, velocity of output and measurable development effort. The commitment to agile working even saw the company win an industry award for their dedicated promotion of it across their offices in three continents.

The agile development methods that were employed evolved over time, starting with one-week sprints in order to highlight early on the progress that was being made. This was a key facet of ensuring buy-in from the business. Eventually they moved to fortnightly demonstrations of progress, adopting a Kanban style approach, enabling high priority feedback to be received and in turn, a faster turnaround.

The second element was the implementation of the next generation of their customer satisfaction product. This version has been designed as a pure JavaScript web application using Google’s angular material library. The authentication layer has been updated to use the latest OAuth protocol via Identity Server, with the analysis and search feature leveraging the power of Elasticsearch for lightning quick results. This new design has led to a speed and performance improvement by a factor of 10 times the original product.