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Government Digital Services (GDS)

The Central Digital and Data Office (CDDO) holds a pivotal role as the driving force behind the Digital, Data, and Technology professions across the government. Tasked with establishing aspirations and strategies for digital transformation, the CDDO also focuses on building the necessary capabilities to ensure the government is well-equipped for success in the internet age. A crucial aspect of this endeavor involves designing and implementing standards for systems and services, ensuring their delivery aligns with best practices.

The Requirement

Within the comprehensive framework of the CDDO, the Securing Government Services team emerges as a critical component dedicated to enhancing cyber security across government organizations. This team operates with a focus on improving cyber security postures and mitigating common risks through specialized Security Assurance expertise. The team engages Lead Technical Security Assurance Experts to collaborate with government departments, reviewing and assuring the security posture of services and products. This assessment is conducted in accordance with recognised security industry standards, establishing a foundation for robust security measures.

How We Helped

In our partnership with the Securing Government Services team, our Lead Technical Security Assurance Experts actively participated in working with government departments. Through comprehensive reviews and assurance processes, we provided expert guidance to enhance the security posture of digital services and products. Collaboration with key entities such as the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and Cabinet Office Government Security Group (GSG) was integral to tailoring technical guidance and advice. This collaborative effort played a pivotal role in fortifying government digital services, aligning with the objectives of the Government Cyber Security Strategy and facilitating the delivery of strategic priorities.