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College of Policing

The College of Policing, serving as a professional body for individuals working across policing, operates as an operationally independent non-departmental public body. Our engagement with the College centered on the "College Learn" eLearning application, a crucial portal utilised for training both staff and police officers. Recognising existing User Experience issues within the platform, we conducted comprehensive user research, leading to a proposal for substantial improvements aimed at enhancing the overall experience for the dedicated individuals associated with the College of Policing.

The Requirement

Operating within the constraints of an existing ASP.NET MVC architecture and NHibernate data layer, backed by a SQL Server backend database, our task was to address the identified User Experience issues. The primary objective was to revamp the design and functionality of the "College Learn" eLearning application. Phase 1 of the project involved a significant visual and functional redesign. As we progressed to Phase 2, a critical consideration was ensuring the rebuilt application's compatibility across all modern-day browsers and mobile devices. This approach aimed to provide a seamless and accessible learning experience for Police Officers and Staff associated with the College of Policing.

How We Helped

Within the existing ASP.NET MVC architecture and NHibernate data layer, our team executed a multifaceted approach. We designed and built fully responsive front-end web pages aligned with the enhanced design concepts. Leveraging HTML, CSS, jQuery, and Bootstrap, our efforts resulted in a visually and functionally improved eLearning platform. The project involved the creation of automated tests, the development of service layer functions, and the implementation of MVC controllers, actions, and view models. Through this comprehensive effort, we successfully established a new Managed Learning Environment for Police and Staff. Importantly, the upgraded application now boasts mobile capability, ensuring accessibility and flexibility for all users.