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Unlocking Excellence with the Crown Commercial Service Non-Clinical Staffing Framework RM6277

At Involved we are immensely proud to be a supplier for the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) Non-Clinical Staffing Framework RM6277. This prestigious framework, affiliated with the NHS Workforce Alliance, is a game-changer for public sector entities, enabling them to access a diverse pool of high-quality non-clinical professionals. Here is how this framework, and Involved as your partner, can revolutionise your recruitment strategy.

What is the RM6277 Framework?

The RM6277 framework is designed to provide comprehensive staffing solutions to various public sector organisations across the UK, including NHS contracting authorities, central and local government, universities, charities, and emergency services. The framework offers a versatile range of engagement options, such as fixed-term contracts, temporary positions, and contractor arrangements, ensuring that every staffing need is met with precision.

Benefits of the RM6277 Framework

1.      Wide Range of Roles:

The framework covers a plethora of roles across different domains like administration, clerical work, catering, and maintenance. This wide array ensures that public sector organisations can find the right talent for any non-clinical requirement.

2.      Flexible Engagement Models:

Organisations can choose between traditional agency hires, fixed-term positions, and independent contractors. Additionally, the managed service (MS) arrangement allows suppliers like us to handle workforce needs efficiently, either directly or through our extensive supply chain.

3.      Project Management Capabilities:

The framework allows for delegating project management responsibilities to suppliers, ensuring that desired outcomes are achieved through output-based delivery. This flexibility helps tailor staffing solutions to specific needs, whether on a regional or national scale.

4.      Fixed and Transparent Rates:

The RM6277 framework ensures maximum agreement rates are fixed and in line with NHS England agency price caps. It also offers transparent rates and costs for both PAYE and limited company temporary workers, including fixed-term appointments.

5.      Quality Assurance:

Quality assurance audits are conducted to ensure that worker pre-employment checks for NHS roles comply with NHS Employers Check Standards and Skills for Health. Non-NHS contracting authorities can specify their required pre-employment checks, such as the Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS).

6.      Quick and Easy Access:

The framework supports direct awards to all public sector bodies, facilitated by the NHS Workforce Alliance, enabling quick access to workers when needed. This feature ensures that public sector organizations can meet their staffing requirements promptly and efficiently.

7.      No Membership Fees:

The framework is free to use, with no membership required. Framework fees are collected from suppliers, making it a cost-effective solution for public sector entities.

Why Choose Involved?

As a supplier of the RM6277 framework, Involved Recruitment Consultancy brings unparalleled expertise and a robust network of non-clinical professionals to the table. We specialise in providing top-notch talent for Technology, Change & Transformation initiatives, catering to the unique needs of public sector organisations.

  •           Diverse Talent Pool: Access highly skilled IT professionals and digital workers across the UK.
  • Expert Project Management: We can manage projects from start to finish, ensuring successful delivery.
  • Transparent and Fixed Rates: Benefit from cost-effective and transparent hiring solutions.
  • Rigorous Quality Checks: Rest assured with our thorough pre-employment checks and quality assurance.

Ready to Elevate Your Workforce?

Partnering with Involved under the RM6277 framework means you are choosing a reliable, efficient, and expert recruitment partner. Let us discuss your hiring needs and explore how we can support your projects with top talent in the industry.

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For more information on the Crown Commercial Service Non-Clinical Staffing Framework RM6277, visit the official CCS page: CCS RM6277 Framework