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Project Consulting / Resourcing

Project Consulting / Resourcing

Resourcing for every need within your organisation is often not economically viable. A project may require skills that do not exist in the team, but timescales make increasing your headcount unrealistic. Additional hiring of staff members also results in significant overhead costs.

The costs of adding to your headcount are not just financial – there is the added responsibility of appropriate employee management and development. Involved Solutions are able to provide customers with a continual stream of accredited engineers free of the usual investments of a permanent staff member. We also provide a dedicated Account Management team which look after any HR issues relating to our Consultants.

The complexity of Projects is increasing, often making technical skillsets a business critical issue. Our Onsite & Deployment Consulting / Engineering offers customers an alternative approach to in-house resourcing, with a flexible mechanism for covering the expertise needed by your organisation, on a timeframe that matches your projects.

Recruiting professionals with the right skill profile can be costly, time consuming and frustrating. With expertise across a wide range of technologies and sectors, Involved Solutions can provide technical experts where and when they are needed.

We help you achieve the benefits of a fully resourced IT department, even if budget or headcount limitations are challenging your available skillsets.