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Our Client Service

Our Client Service

Market Specialists

So, what makes our consultants specialists? Firstly, each consultant has been through our industry recognised training programme and our continued bespoke training plans. This combined with the fact that our consultants spend a large proportion of their day speaking and meeting people within the industry means they have an expansive network of industry talent and understand the importance of IT talent to a business.

Acquiring Candidates

Our candidate acquisition methods are the best in the industry. These range from the consultant’s individual networks, using all premium job boards etc. This combined with an internal database of over 1.2 million candidate’s results in our consultants being able to secure the right talent quickly.

Candidate Qualification

A high percentage of our business is repeat business. This is due to the long lasting business relationships we have with our clients. One of the reasons why we have these relationships is because of our client qualification process. Our consultants not only want to know the skills and the experience you want to hire but more importantly understand what makes the right individual from a cultural and team fit prospective. This combined with knowing the business reasons of why you need to hire, results in our consultants being an extension of your business as they represent you in the wider market.

When we present you with a shortlist of candidates to interview you can rest assured that they will be the best available talent in the market.

We also support our clients by offering bespoke service on Interview Management, Offer Negotiation and Placement Aftercare. For more information on these please call one of our market specialists.

So, is it time you got involved?