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The job market is a noisy place at the best of times – and after a fairly traumatic and unbalanced 12 months, we can probably all agree this is not the best of times – which means that the market is flooded with people keen to find a role that fits.

Finding someone in a crowded market is not necessarily the difficult part – keeping someone in role when needs have shifted so drastically in response to a changed landscape, however, can be a challenge. 

Employee retention – encouraging your recruits to settle in, make themselves a permanent part of the team, and shape the future of your organisation, takes a different mindset.

At Involved Solutions, we wanted to break down some key employee retention strategies which we know work.  

Healthy, supportive culture

Your organisation needs to show each and every member of the team that they are valued and that you appreciate what they bring. You need to listen to their needs and create a culture of support where people feel valued.

Support systems

Following on from that first point, mentoring from senior team members, peer reviews and support systems, along with responsive management who are actively involved in ensuring that everyone feels they matter all make a huge difference. 

Recognition and reward

Make a point to not just give feedback when someone drops the ball or makes a mistake – praise good work, reward achievements, celebrate success. It is important that people feel their work matters, and that even ‘business as usual’ done well gets recognition.


As well as formal opportunities for feedback, complaints, or praise, it is important to communicate with your team. As part of that open and welcoming culture, make time for chit chat and conversation where people can just chat about their workload, their goals and tasks, discuss different ways to do things, and listen to new ideas from every member of the team. With Covid-19 this means potentially more virtual calls or simply just picking up the phone and having that 5 minute chat. 

Invest in growth

Training and developing your team is an investment of both time and finances - and nothing makes someone feel more valued than your investment of both – in to their growth. Not only do you then have higher skilled employees in the mix, but you also have a greater commitment in return because you have committed to them. 

Work/life balance

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that flexible working, remote working and teams communicating virtually from home offices can be just as efficient as office-based roles. Rather than sticking rigidly to an outdated model of ‘what business looks like’, allow your team to manage their own workload. Autonomy and trust mean people can work to their own schedule, at their own peak times, and perform better as a result. Some thrive in the 9-5, others are night owls and some are early birds.  

Stay up to date

Technology and communication methods are constantly evolving and the tools we work well with in 2021 will not look anything like the tools we had even five years ago. Keep on top of the latest technology and developments and invest in up to date tools for your team, so they can perform to their best without battling outdated devices.

Investing in growing your team means far more than just listing a job and bringing in the best CV; the best recruitment focuses on the bigger picture and on bringing the right people together to create a cohesive team. 

Our own ethos of dedication to delivery positions us as market leaders in IT recruitment, bringing the most experienced and highest skilled people together with expert insight into what makes your organisation tick, and what the future of your business looks like. 

As specialist talent providers, we know what candidates want and we know what clients want, this ensures that the match between the candidate and client is the best that it can possibly be!

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