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Job Description Writing Tips

Job Description Writing Tips

A well written job description can make all the difference in attracting the best candidates. 

Job Title
Aim to use "industry recognised" job titles. This also helps ensure your job is better represented in online job searches.

Be clear about in which department the position is.

Reporting to
People like to know who they ultimately would report to.

Summary of Role
A brief description of the role, what the organisation is looking for culturally, and how this will contribute to the company or department generally.

Duties and Responsibilities
Bullet point the main tasks and responsibilities and how frequently they will occur. Try to cluster these into groups.

Personal Specification
List the personal qualities you are seeking i.e. motivated, ability to work under own initiative etc.

Bullet point the skills needed for the role i.e effective communicator, problem solving etc.

List any specific qualifications that are required.