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IR35 Protect Tool

Managing your IR35 Process

The IR35 reform deadline date of 6th April 2021 is a few months away, time is quickly running out to make sure you have a fair and efficient process set in place.

Involved Solutions can provide you with an IR35 solution that manages the entire process, from status assessment to process consultation, so you can confidently and compliantly maintain your flexible workforce outside IR35. 

How does the IR35 Protect Tool Work?

The IR35 Protect Tool, takes a best-of-both approach, allying a custom-designed automated process with expert consultancy to provide the quickest, most accurate IR35 status result available.  

If it is a clear-cut case, the tool then generates an instant determination, as well as a  comprehensive report that pulls through the notable positives or negatives of a given engagement, as well as an official Status Determination Statement (SDS) that you can supply to the contractor. If it is a borderline result, the answers are manually reviewed by Involved Solution's expert partner, IR35 specialists, Kingsbridge. 

The IR35 Protect Tool offers a hybrid solution, and we firmly believe that it is the best one-stop-shop to meet all your IR35 business requirements.

What Does The IR35 Protect Tool Do For You?

The IR35 Protect Tool provides:

Fast, efficient and accurate IR35 assessments

Access to real time reporting

Assess undetermined status results

Interaction with the whole supply chain, including unique circumstances

The ability to request a manual review irrespective of the result produced by the tool

IR35 Protect Tool Offers Adaptable Tribunal Cover For Contractors

If a role is successfully outside of IR35, it is important to back the assessment with IR35 insurance. We take the onus off you for compliance on approved roles, there are numerous innovative insurance products availalble to protect all parties in the recruitment supply chain.  

Not only does the insurance protect the contractor in the run up to April 2021, it is also designed to be flexible come the reform deadline to cover the fee-payer as well. This means that the entire supply chain is protected against the potentially crippling costs of an IR35 enquiry and any tax debts found owing - peace of mind for the contractor, and assurance for the fee payer.

More Information

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