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Interview Agenda Tips

Interview Agenda Tips

Here are our tips for getting the most out of an interview - and the interview process as a whole - to be more certain of finding the right person for the position you have vacant.

  • Understand the job and the specification. Before an interview, thoroughly review the job spec and know what qualities you are looking for in a candidate.
  • Have a list of questions and the criteria that need to be met so that you can measure the responses against other candidates.
  • Ensure you provide enough time for each candidate and enough time between interviews.
  • Review the candidates CV and take a copy into the interview.
  • Seek to gain information during the interview will give you a better understanding of how the candidate works and how they will fit into your organisation.
  • Ask questions that will give you an insight into how the candidate has dealt and responded to demands into previous roles. This should give you an indication of areas they particularly enjoyed and how they dealt with any problems.
  • Match responsibilities and skills in their previous role against the job spec and find out how they dealt with them. For instance, if they will be working to tight deadlines ask how they currently manage and prioritise their work load.
  • Try not to answer the question for them by giving away too much detail. You need to see how they listen and respond to questions.
  • Ask questions specific to the problems they may face to see how they will deal with them.
  • Take notes and listen to the questions they ask. This should help you identify any concerns they may have which could in turn cause concern for you.
  • Record each candidate’s interview so you can analyse it afterwards.

Points To Remember 

  • Be courteous and respectful. Try to conduct the interview in a quiet environment away from distractions and interruptions, begin the interview on time and, at the end, thank the candidate for attending. Making them feel comfortable could be the difference between them choosing your organisation ahead of another with a similar offering.
  • Keep the communication open and honest. Try to create a relaxed environment.
  • Treat all candidates equally.