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Involved Solutions' Consultancy service has 3 main offerings:

Cloud Solutions

Businesses are changing. Unstoppable data growth, high energy costs and the ever-increasing expectation to align business and IT. Now more than ever it's becoming increasingly difficult to get the perfect blend of cost-efficiency and performance whilst mitigating risk and increasing operational efficiency. Cloud technology is a significant enabler for organisations who want to deliver better software and IT infrastructure, faster and more cost effectively. For more information around Cloud Solutions click here.

Project Consulting / Resourcing

Resourcing for every need within your organisation is often not economically viable. A project may require skills that do not exist in the team, but timescales make increasing your headcount unrealistic. And with each additional staff member you hire, you face significant overhead costs. For more information on Project Consulting / Resourcing click here.

RPO Services

Involved Solutions are able to offer a Recruitment Process Outsourcing service which can manage the entire recruiting / hiring / onboarding process, or can manage specific aspects of the process, essentially serving as an extension of a Client’s human resources department. Involved Solutions’ RPO services are not outsourcing in the traditional sense, as working with us is a much more consultative and customizable than normal recruiting. For more information on our RPO Service click here.