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Cloud Solutions

Businesses are changing. Unstoppable data growth, high energy costs and the ever-increasing expectation to align business and IT. Now more than ever it's becoming increasingly difficult to get the perfect blend of cost-efficiency and performance whilst mitigating risk and increasing operational efficiency. Cloud technology is a significant enabler for organisations who want to deliver better software and IT infrastructure, faster and more cost effectively.

The benefits of cloud services are compelling:

  • Speed & Reduced Time To Market​:­ Instead of procuring new hardware or following long processes for provisioning virtual machines, the cloud enables teams to provision infrastructure on demand with speed and agility;
  • Cost Efficiency​: Instead of spending money running data centers and on staff to support your infrastructure, you can roll this up into pay as you go operating expenditure. Those servers which you spin up on demand, they can also be bought down when no longer needed or over evenings and weekends to reduce spend;
  • Compute Efficiency​: The cloud enables IT organisations to provision exactly the infrastructure needed and scale up and down as necessary, automatically in line with load;
  • Quality: By moving to a software defined stack which is correctly configuration managed you can improve the quality of your output by building a more consistent, better controlled and more resilient platform;
  • Scalability: ​Public cloud providers offer highly scalable programmable infrastructure to scale up to thousands of servers or containers automatically;
  • Infrastructure as Code: Programmable infrastructure code which can be version controlled, tested, released, deployed repeatedly brings many benefits to the software development lifecycle;
  • Concentrate on innovation: By outsourcing running your infrastructure, your organisation can concentrate on true competitive differentiation at the application tier.

Involved Solutions can provide services which include but are not limited to:

  • Cloud Strategy: A strategy for how you will make use of and deploy cloud services within your organisation, covering all of the architectural, technical and governance issues as well as vendor selection.
  • Cloud Readiness Assessment: An assessment where we can evaluate both applications and software delivery process for their readiness to move to cloud.
  • Application Migration: A service where we migrate applications to the cloud with you as either a proof of concept or in a fully productionised fashion. This can take place with either cloud rearchitecture or lift & shift.