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Candidate Testimonials

Candidate Testimonials

"The first contract I ever undertook was through Involved Solutions. Prior to that my career had always contained permanent roles, and as daunting as I thought it might be, Involved Solutions made the whole process seamless. They got me set up with a limited company, educated me on the market, and held my hand every step of the way. I can see myself having a career as a contractor and it's not daunting at all! Involved Solutions are a big reason for that."

Paul F. - Project Manager

"Involved Solutions advised me from a career point of view, a commuting point of view, and they even wanted to know about my family life and how it would impact on that. It made me think about things I hadn't really thought of before. I'm now  in a position that I'm really happy with and I'm glad they made me wait, and not try and shoe-horn me into a role that wouldn't have been suitable."

Alex D. - Wintel Engineer

"Ive been contracting through the team at Involved Solutions for a number of years now, and not all with one company! They've managed to secure me a number of engagements, and they're really pro-active. They notify me of an extension four to six weeks before the end of a contract - and if it's not going to happen they get me to send an updated CV over, and their actively trying to get me a new role. I've only had to take a maximum break of two weeks in-between assignments, and that's why I work exclusively as a contractor with Involved Solutions."

Mohammed A. - Software Developer

"I first approached Involved Solutions as a candidate whilst I was looking for my next opportunity. I was so impressed with their services that when I had a requirement to hire my first point of contact was Involved Solutions. I've been very impressed with their services and wouldn't dream of using anybody else either for myself or when I'm looking for staff."

Nikki F. - Service Desk Manager