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Building A Compelling Employer Brand

Building A Compelling Employer Brand

This topic is crucial to attracting and retaining the best people.Most companies and organisations believe they portray an effective employer brand and that every candidate should want to work for them. Unfortunately this is not always the case.

An honest and critical view of your brand and how you are viewed within your industry is the starting point to acheiving a great employer brand.

Understanding your brand is the first step to making any improvements that might be needed. These improvements need to be realistic and achievable so as to avoid "false failure" through over-reaching or accidentally creating disappointment and disenfranchisement among staff.

This can be a lengthier process for long standing employees who might have lost sight of the company values and beliefs. New employees coming into the organisation can be told differently about the company’s beliefs and working practices - and seeing newly enthused staff can help instil a new sense of shared purpose among existing employees.

Questions to ask about your employer brand

  • What are your employees goals and how can you help them meet them?
  • What attracts current and new employees to your organisation?
  • What are the most crucial roles and departments within your organisation and how can you retain/improve in these areas?
  • How is the organisation perceived by new and current employees?

After you have thought about your current image and how it is perceived this can help you improve or implement new ideas to strengthen it

  • Reward staff for hard work – employee of the month, top department etc.
  • Recognise hard work and show employees how you promote success.
  • Exit interviews – When staff leave on a positive note they are more likely to praise your organisation in the future.